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Prince Howard

"Publishing Guru"

The creative industry of music is as cutthroat as it is prolific. You see

musicians, artists, producers, songwriters, and so many other

professionals put in blood, sweat, and tears to build up their dreams

and not even get as much as a second glance because of how

saturated the market is. With such a sector so hard to penetrate, it

makes staying and maintaining oneself seem just as big a feat, if not

better, than breaching the industry's inner circles in the first place.

So what could be more impressive than someone who has not only kept afloat in the business

for 17 years but has thrived in it?

For almost two decades, Prince Howard IV has done more than stay in the industry. He has

exceeded expectations, constantly growing, improving, and honing his craft as meticulously as a

blacksmith does a sharp-edged sword. This dedication has resulted in him being revered as a

successful Publishing Guru in the creative realm.

Starting by doing publishing and administration deals, his growth seemed almost overnight as

he turned into a Director of A&R, moved up into Music Publishing for MIME Music Publishing,

and then started working in Beatroot Consulting A&R Distribution.

It was at his latest company that Prince Howard was able to shine the most, leaving it with an

astounding 200% increase in profit margin. From there, he was able to build credibility and

launch into endeavors of his own. So he set out to establish Pacific Music Publishing; the rest is


While his current company was out and about, caught up in the process of doing its first

co-publishing and administration deals, Prince Howard did not rest. As he was handling Pacific

Music Publishing, he was also in the middle of winning accolades and honors left and right. So

while his full-service music and business management firm managed to bring home six

multi-platinum awards, Grammy awards, Grammy nominations, and billboard-topping titles,

Prince Howard was busy building up his momentum in the industry. This momentum allowed

him to gain the first platinum project with D4L.

Apart from working and collaborating with some of the music industry's biggest names,

superstars and pioneers, Prince Howard's long-withstanding career has won him more than 60

gold, platinum, and multi-platinum plaques – just in the last six years. And, still, he has more

awards that await as a manager and publisher. He even has a Grammy nomination in his long list

of achievements.

Outside of the Publishing Guru's hectic schedule and award-winning track record, some of the

other noteworthy things in his life include two beautiful daughters he dotes on during his free

time. Prince Howard had always made time for them from the beginning of his pre-creative

work, when he was an owner of a Wealth Management Advisory Group that he sold in 2010, to

the present day, where he is celebrated as one of the most renowned names in music.

Well-rounded and on top of everything in his life, the Publishing Guru might as well be the Guru

of everything there is to know about success. You can read more about his story and

accomplishments on his social media profiles and website.

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